Kronshtadt & Gatchina


(60 km to west)

Kronstadt was founded by Emperor Peter the Great in 1704 as a maritime fortress and naval base on Kotlin Island. The name "Kronstadt" was invented by Peter the Great, and in German means "Crown City". The port is ice-bound for 140–160 days in the year, from the beginning of December to April. A very large proportion of the inhabitants are sailors. The Kronstadt Sea Fortress used to be considered the most fortified port in the world. Kronstadt still retains some of the "forts", small fortified artificial islands.

Naval Cathedral. First built in 1728–31, the present structure was built in 1903–1913, as the main church of the Baltic Fleet, dedicated to all fallen seamen.


(40 km to sough)

Palace of Paul the 1st in the military style. The Great Gatchina Palace was built in 1766–1781 in Gatchina town (Russia) by Antonio Rinaldi for Count Grigori Grigoryevich Orlov who was a favourite of Catherine II. The Gatchina Palace is located on the hill above Lake Serebryannoe. It combines themes of a medieval castle and a country residence. Palace interiors are exemplary of Russian classicism at the turn of 18th—19th centuries. The Gatchina Palace was one of the favourite residences of the Imperial family. 

Time : 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Price: 200 $ (US Dollars) for the tour guide with a car for 2 persons (More than 2 people - for each person an additional payment - 40$)+ entrance tickets to the museums:

Gatchina - 8$