Kronshtadt & Gatchina


(60 km to west)

The former base of the Russian Navy, Kronshtadt is located on the island Kotlin in the Gulf of Finland, sixty kilometers from St. Petersburg. It is the City of naval Glory of Russia. A small detachment of warship is still based there. The main cultural attraction here is the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker. After many years of oblivion, after a long restoration, it is open again for worship. The size of this Cathedral is impressive, - inside it seems even larger than St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Black marble panels are placed on the walls of the Cathedral. Names of all the sailors who died in the battles in the history of Russian Fleet are written there in gold letters. The road to Kronshtadt is thrilling. It runs along a dam, a complex of St. Petersburg protective structures against floods. Bridges, culverts, tunnels make the dam a miracle of state-of-the-art engineering.


(40 km to sough)

Along with Pavlovsk this is another museum-preserve, a former Summer Palace of Paul 1. Is located 40 kilometers south of the city. Originally the Gatchina Palace was built by the architect Antonio Rinaldi in 1781 to the order of Catherine the Great for her favorite Gregoriy Orlov. After Orlov's death in 1783, the Palace came into possession of her son Paul. Gatchina palace looks like a real castle. The military-style is visible not only in the external appearance of the main building, but also in the military parade ground with a moat. There is a very picturesque landscape Park, just behind the Palace around a long lake. Lot of birds and squirrels are waiting to take their treat right from your hands.

Time : 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Price: 270 € (Euro) -

for 2 persons

Tickets included. More than 2 people - for each person an additional payment 70€

* Gatchina Palace is closed on July 4 and August 1

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