Pushkin & Peterhof

Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo)

The compositional centre of the ensemble is the Great Tsarskoye Selo or Catherine Palace – a splendid example of the Russian Baroque. Visitors are enraptured by the sumptuous décor of the Great Hall and the Golden Enfilade of state rooms that includes the world-famous Amber Room now returned to life. Today, as we enter the palace, we can sense the spirit of the times of Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine II and admire unique works of fine and applied art.


Peter the Great planned Peterhof as a summer residence of a sea king. This was to be his incarnation of Russia as a great European power, with a foothold on the shores of the world’s oceans, capable of competing with the finest Western courts — above all, with Versailles.

The Lower Garden is embellished by many handsome palaces and sculptures, but the most important ornaments are the fountains. They are supplied by water thanks to a unique engineering system created with the direct involvement of Peter the Great.

Time : 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Price: 220 $ (US Dollars) for the tour guide with a car for 2 persons (More than 2 people - for each person an additional payment - 40$)+ entrance tickets to the museums:

Pushkin — 28$ per person

(VIP - tickets - no queue)

Peterhof (Palace and Park) - 28$ per person

(VIP - tickets - no queue)

Or Peterhof Park only - 14$